Efficacy of Clinical Toxicology Curriculum on the 4th Year Egyptian Students - Faculty of Medicine- Tanta University in Improvement their Concept about Human Safety from Toxicity

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.


Introduction: Safety is considered the main mission in life. Decreasing death rate in homes, at work and among communities must be done through education and researches promotion. About 90% of poisoning happened due to lack of awareness. The aim of this study: is to illustrate the efficacy of Clinical Toxicology Curriculum on the 4th year Egyptian students-academic year 2018-2019 Faculty of Medicine- Tanta University in improvement their concept about human safety from toxicity. Methodology: Self designed questionnaire -based survey was conducted on the 4th year Egyptian students - Faculty of Medicine- Tanta University, administered in two parts; part I: pre course test was done in the second day of Clinical Toxicology curriculum and part II: post course test was done at the end of Clinical Toxicology curriculum which lasting for two months. Results: Number of 4th year Egyptian students participated in the study were 755. More than half of them were males, urban, and interesting in Clinical Toxicology study. The mean total knowledge score of participants was statistically significantly higher in post course test. Additionally, despite both genders showed significant increase in the mean total knowledge score, but the magnitude of knowledge gain was observed to be higher in females than males. Conclusion: it could be concluded that, many subjects in Clinical Toxicology Curriculum introduced satisfactory knowledge about safety like; how to maintain safety from household cleaning agents, but others need modifications like; safety from medications poisoning.