Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 2, July 2022 
Nephrotoxic effect of Hydrogen Cyanamide (Dormex) and possible protective role of N-acetyl cysteine in male albino rats

Pages 21-29

Samah Elbastawesy; Fatma Ibrahim; Hend Abo Safia; Amira El Shamy; Hoda Ibrahim; Nadia Helal

Pattern of Childhood Ophthalmic Injuries in Upper Egypt

Pages 30-38

Nora Abdellah; Eman Shaltout; Heba Shaltout; Noha Ebrahem

Review on AMB-FUBINACA one of synthetic cannabinoids present in Egypt

Pages 72-76

Mosab Rashwan; Maha Hilal; Hoda Elsayed; Khaled Mohamed; Walaa Allam